YOYOSO Grand Opening!

Mar 1, 2020 (All Day)

We are excited to announce the opening of the first YOYOSO in Canada!

This beautiful boutique boasts almost 2000 SQFT of retail space located directly across from the library. Stay tuned to our website and social media for the grand opening expected in early 2020.

“YOYOSO advocates International Fast Fashion Life Style and is mainly focusing on 8 categories of general merchandises, which includes cosmetics, home accessories, fashion accessories, fashion bags, digital accessories, stationery & gifts, seasonal products, imported food, etc. There are more 5000 kinds of products applicable in various field of life. And, there will be over 300 kinds of new products every month. So, YOYOSO wins the great favor of the white-collar workers,the petty bourgeoisie and the mainstream consumer groups in society. As far as now, the YOYOSO stores have totally served more than 1 billion customers all over the world.”

Visit their website here: